Top Jewelry Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2018

Top Jewelry Trends for 2018

January 31, 2018

Trend: Men’s Engagement Rings

The uptick in men’s engagement rings is likely due to the legalization of same sex marriage, as well as millennials embracing the notion that engagement rings for couples symbolize partnership and equality.

Trend: Rose gold continues to shine (and yellow gold is starting to make a comeback!)

With its vintage appeal and pinkish hue (hello millennial pink!), romantics are falling for this gorgeous metal. We also believe this color is popular because it looks gorgeous on all skin tones. It’s an added bonus that Apple has been releasing rose gold products to match these last few years! Additionally, as you can see in the above, there was also a slight uptick in yellow gold at the end of year, likely due to the popularity of Megan Markle’s engagement ring.

Trend: Morganite and opals are having a moment

When it comes to morganite and opals, these sparkly stunners have likely seen a steady uptick over the last several years due to consumer’s constant need for out-of-the-box accoutrements. Morganite’s hue is also very similar – and pairs well with – rose gold, which will continue to be one of this year’s hottest jewelry trends.

Trend: Lab diamonds are gaining strongly, whereas antique diamonds are declining in popularity

We’ve found that younger, more socially conscious consumers are looking to purchase lab created diamonds as they are beautiful, responsible and affordable alternatives to natural diamonds. Simultaneously, there is a general decline in interest in antique diamonds. The increase in Google searches for lab created diamonds has continued to rise over the last few years, which is likely due to more consumer awareness around the diamond industry and advances in technology resulting in broader availability of larger, higher quality, and fancy shaped lab diamonds. We predict that lab-grown diamonds’ market share will continue to rise is 2018 as more millennials tie the knot.

Trend: Oval, cushion and pear cuts are up-trending, while princess cut continues to decline

Following the popularity of certain celebrity engagement rings over the past few years (Blake Lively’s timeless oval shaped diamond will always top our list!) and the highly anticipated royal wedding, we’ve seen the growing popularity of pear, cushion and oval shaped rings.


Information courtesy Brilliant Earth.

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