Commanding Your Inner Beauty

Commanding Your Beauty Within…

David Tutera, Leading Wedding & Entertaining Expert

January 22, 2020

When I begin the creative process of designing my bridal gowns, my wish is always to find my bride a fresh approach to her wedding day fashion. To celebrate her love through layers of beauty and her uniquely special individuality.

A bride regardless of her shape or size needs to embrace her curves and love her body to allow her to find that gown that makes her feel special and truly unforgettable. But I believe a brides choice of her perfect wedding dress is just the window dressing that leads to the beauty and grace she already has inside of her. If she is authentic to herself, it reflects in her eyes or the warmth of her smile then at that moment magic is created, the truest form of inner beauty.  So my wish for all brides is to locate your beauty within, command confidence in yourself, find joy in the process and most of all surround yourself with those that bring you light and happiness.

I have always said the most important and special fashion a woman will wear in her life is her wedding gown. Every bride deserves to find a gown that makes her heart sing and walk down the aisle in her own unique style surrounded by LOVE!