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Alternatives to the White Wedding Gown

Jennifer Erdman

July 22, 2020

Shopping for a gown for your wedding is something just about every girl dreams about when she’s a little girl.  And after working with wedding magazines and designing ads for brides for a LONG time (much longer than I care to admit – cough, cough), I was so excited for the time when I could try on a bunch of dresses and be a “princess” for the day.

It was so much fun.  I tried on all kinds of dress in a lot of different styles.  What I soon came to realize was that I wasn’t the traditional white wedding dress kind of girl.  While I found the white (and off-white) dresses beautiful and fun, I wanted some color in my wedding day look.  So, off I went to a bridal shop that also catered in prom dresses since there were maybe TWO “wedding gowns” that carried colors other than white, off-white, cream or even a blush pink.  When all was said and done, I whittled my choices down to a black, dark red and one of the white gowns.  What really sealed my decisions was my Mom’s face when I walked out in the black gown.  She smiled and really liked it so I knew that was the one.

The woman helping me try on all these gowns was FANTASTIC.  She helped me find all sorts of different styles and colors that complimented my shape and told me the story about how all wedding gowns used to be black and it wasn’t until the Queen of England wore a white gown to a wedding that the trend changed.  Interesting fact!

My groom loved it as well.  The smile on his face when I walked out made it all worth it.  I paired it with a huge dark red protea bouquet with lots of deep greens and bright colors.  It was amazing.

So in an effort to help other brides like me – I compiled some images from two designers of some white gown alternatives fo you.  Yes, these can also be bridesmaid gowns, but they are also options for you to shine on your wedding day!


Daalarna has some incredible  gowns in a plethora of colors.  The best thing about their collection is the details on the gowns.  Lots of intricate lace, appliqués, bows, and layers offer you to be unique in your gown choice, making it something incredibly special for your special day.

Tarik Ediz

The Tarik Ediz Evening Gown collection is a quintessential jewel tone collection of gowns along with a splash of silver, gold and of course a few white and champagne colored dresses to round it out.  Incredible detail and unique style in a variety of different necklines and styles.

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