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Unique Transportation Options for your Wedding Day

Ann Meyer LeFiles, Premier Bride of Jacksonville

September 2, 2022

A hot trend weddings is to be unique.  Couples are always looking for something unique, different and rarely seen when making decisions about their wedding details.  Wedding transportation is no exception!  Even the “traditional” limos and party busses have found ways to make  these options unique.   Let’s explore some options we are seeing around Northeast Florida and other areas of the USA!

1. Vintage Cars. The vintage car option will never go out of style.  From vintage trucks to convertibles to  high end luxury vehicles….there are lots of car options in this category….and they always make great photo opps.

2. Sports Cars. Expensive sports cars are always available for rent! Maybe you want the latest model or maybe you want a classic muscle car….can’t go wrong with a sports car to speed away in!

3. Carriage Rides. The fairy tale carriage ride is not just for Cinderella!  She might have inspired it but couples love the romance that comes with the horse carriage.

4. Electric Cars. In Jacksonville, Florida, you can find Tuk’ Tuk’s – super fun electric cars that are perfect for a city get-a-way!  These open electric cars are echo friendly too!

5. Many romantic and historic cities offer trolley tours and have trolleys available for rent!  Old Town Trolley Tours, located all over the USA, even offers an all white wedding trolley!  This one is found in St. Augustine Florida!

Photo by Christine Austin Photogrpahy

6. For the couple that loves to ride together….might like a motorcycle get away!  If you decided to go this way….the custom motorcycle jackets are a must!

7. Having your wedding reception on the water?  Then a boat option might be one cool way to make your exit!  If you are getting married in a city that is on the water….there are probably boat rental options available to you!

8. It’s traditional….and classic….but it works.  Limo companies specialize in great customer service and providing a great experience!  Limos were built to take VIP’s around…and on your wedding day you are the ultimate VIP!

9. Party Bus. Large wedding party?  Then the party bus might just be the option you need to accommodate your crew!  This is also a great option if you are having an after party when the reception is over!

10. Helicopter or private plane. Your venue might just allow a helicopter to land on the property.  Or your venue might be by a private airport.  Either way….it’s a pretty cool exit if you can pull it off.

Photo by Angelface Photogrpahy

11. Chicken Limo. If you live in Jacksonville, then you can rent a chicken limo.  Yes, a chicken limo that even clucks as you drive.  If not for the wedding….then maybe the bachelorette party.  It’s a good time!

12. Sleigh or Dog Sled. You need to get married in the winter….and there has to be snow.  If you can guarantee those circumstances then a snow sled might be a really cool wedding exit.

13. Tractor or Farm Equipment. If farming runs in your blood don’t discount the combine exit.  We promise, guests who are not used to farm equipment will think it is pretty cool.

14. A bicycle built for two. Love the beach?  A bicycle built for two is a staple in the beach scene.  You might want to put it on your registry and use it as your exit.  The pictures are pretty amazing.

15. Four-Wheeler. Couples that play together stay together.  A 4 Wheeler is a fun ATV and it can also be party of your wedding day exit if you both love that type of experience!

Photo by Bethany Walter Photography
Main photo by Bec Photography

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