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Invest in Relationships; Rent the Details


Your wedding is more than a bunch of traditions, and so are your rental options. Incorporate non-traditional wedding rentals into your celebration.

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Grooms Get Personal: Cigar Bars, Signature Drinks & Superhero Tees


Today’s weddings are all about personality. What makes your relationship special? What are the loves, quirks, and values that set you apart from other couples, and how can you work...

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Choose a Unique Wedding Theme


One trend that appears to be turning into a constant in weddings is having a theme.  Long gone are the days of just picking colors or certain flowers.  Now brides...

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Sweets table - unique treats

Creative Details


Give your guests a night they’ll never forget! Creative details really help to make a wedding celebration magical and memorable for your family and friends: For the little ones…If children...

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